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Ayurveda (The 'Science of Life')

Ayurveda ( the 'science of life') made up of 5 basic elements or `Pancharnahaboothas', namely AIR, SPACE, FIRE, WATER and EARTH which also constitute the universe.

The science of Ayurveda is the universally applicable `TRIDOSHA THFORY evolved from the 5 principles of air, space, fire and earth which constitute the universe. This theory postulates that the total physiological functions are governed by the three factors called TRIDOSHAS (Vatha, Pitha & Kapha), working at the subtle form of the human body, capable of producing an effect on the gross form of human body. Ayurveda says when these 3 factors are in order and equilibrium the person remains healthy.

These are limits within which the minimum tridoshic limits of the wide latitudes provided for the concept of the health, the prikriti, (i.e. the normal condition of psychosomatic health) changes into viki-iti (i.e. vitiated normality) or disease. Restoration of the constitution to a balanced metabolism constitutes cure.

What is unique to Ayurveda is that while treating a patient, the physician gives importance to his constitution, environment and diet, thereby assuring better chance of sustained relief from symptorns and disease. Compared to other systems of medicine, this natural approach to health care caught appreciation of world as safe and scientific. Today in a rapidly integrating global market of completing health care system, Ayur-veda continues to dominate the sphere to be the only eeo­friendly system of medicine which has methods to totally rejuvenate the body and mind using botanical preparations.

At Tapasya Ayurvedic Spa we bring your mind, body and soul to a state of total relaxation to make your holiday complete!. We offer specialized services of Ayurveda with medical advice from trained doctors.

Independent Gents and ladies facilities ensure the utmost privacy.


Panchakanna is a series off five therapies ort steps that help remove deep rooted impurity and stress ft-om the physiology while balancing the doshas - the energies or forces that govern all biological fim;,tions. The packages comprises.

  • Vamana - a medicated emesis theraphy cleanses toxins collected in the upper part of the body.
  • Virechana - medicated purgation therapy cleanses toxins of the lower : part of the body.
  • Vasti - An enema of herbal decoction and medicated oil remove toxins through the colon.
  • Nasayam - Administration of medicated through the nasal passage helps purify and cure ailments of the head and neck area.
  • Raktamoksha - Cleanses and purifies the blood.

Services Offered:

ABHAYANGAM: Involves specific body message with medicated oil. This treatments helps body mechanism to recover it its strengths and functions. It also gives soothing effect on nerves. So helps in relaxation and even rejuvenation the body.

DHARA: pouring of medicated oil on the forehead with particular Ayur-vedic techniques. This treatments helps in rejuvenating the mind and is also beneficial for neuropathies mental stress and strain and spondylitis.

KHIZI: in which body is made to sweat by the application of certain medicinal bouses fill with puddings made of rice or medicinal herbs. It is good for museulo-skeletal disease, sciatica, body pain and stiffness of joints. It improve blood circulation, and help in wasting of muscles. It also improves general health too.

SHIROVASTHI: special way in which medicated oil is administered on the head and allowed to remain on head for specific period. This treatment is effective in headache, insomnia, facial palsy, ENT disorders etc.

KATIVASTI: special way in which medicated oil is administer on the back _ and allow to remain on the back for the special period. This treatment is good for low back pain, slip disc, disc prolapased,lLUnber-spondyhties etc

GRIVAHAVASTI: special way in which medicated oil is administered on the neck and allow to remain on the neck for a specific period. It is good for cervical spondylities, pain in neck etc.

TARPANAM: special way in which medicated oil is administer on the eyes for a specific period. It is usually use in eye problems such as dryness of eyes and helps to strengthen the optic nerve.

UDVARTANANI: application of herbal powder mixed in medicated oils on the body with specific type of massage. It helps to reduce weight.

VASTI: most effective Panchkanna treatment (medicated oil and kashayam enema) for diseases caused by vatta such as arthritis. paralysis, sciatica, numbness and even gastric problems etc.

NASYAM: putting drops of medicated oils or ghee in nostrils. This treatments helps in chronic sinusiti:-, headache, insomnia, enhance complexion and even several hair problems.

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